Director’s Statement

LuQman is a movie with a straightforward narrative allied to  complex character motivation, with layers symbolising sentiments of the Malay psyche, race and culture. With a story driven by love and idealism, the conflicts weaved in a strong story concept and content that makes the story interesting and challenging.

The plot and the characters’ motivations, what I attempted to explore here are issues of differing values as a result of different experiences, perceptions and age. For me, what is most interesting are the conflicts between the main characters. Essentially, all of them are protagonists in every sense of the word. It is because of this that every one of them have antagonistic elements within, for the conflict is within their own selves.

The other challenging (and interesting) situation in the making of this film is the people behind the camera. Almost all of them – the creative and technical crew members – were or are individuals with minimal professional experience. They were students fresh from the classroom, though no less lacking in commitment, energy and honesty. This is the pure, sincere and unspoiled energy that made the production a great success.

Though I had an idea of what I wished to achieve, the film became something different to what I originally planned due to this unfettered creativity and energy from everyone involved, leading to different layers of meaning and conflict to be uncovered in LuQman. All this added up to a sincere film worthy of standing on its own two feet.

Mahadi J. Murat
Writer and Director